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Advertising with BootBay


As you will have read we are hoping to gain our revenue from advertising - not just with Google but with you, our Booters, we have a policy that non-commercial websites may have a link on their pitches, all commercial business' may wish to have a LorryVerts rolling - this will gain extra interest to your business as they roll on every pitch 24/7.

We also now offer advertising space which is initially going to be created at the foot of all the pitch pages, you can have your own Logo with a link directly to your website, company address and phone number.

We are happy for you to have your website link on your pitch but there will be a small charge for this.

Please remember that all the pitches are non-commercial based so if you wish to sell as a shop then please contact us first, and we will be able to help you with your best options. There is lots of room for growth on the site and we aim to provide a service that can help everyone.


Cost of Advertising with BootBay:

Pitch Links

Link on your pitch to your website -  5.00 per year

An advert along the foot of the pitches with your logo and linked directly to your website - 10.00   per year.

To contact us regarding advertising, please email webmaster@bootbay.co.uk

If you wish to link us to your site or a site that you think maybe interested in us, then please do so.

We are looking at creating a links page in the not too distant future which will be for the community to add to - watch this space.