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This page is here to guide and assist you. We will aim to answer your queries as soon as possible, and we have listed below email addresses should you need to contact anyone at BootBay.

For ANY website problems or comments please contact:

As with all websites you will most probably encounter a problem at some point, a few pointers to help you out:

Please conform to the suggested formats for the fields when entering items

The Price field is only in the format 0.00 i.e. 15.43 or 7.90 - if you are up for Offers then leave blank!

The Postage field is in the same format as the Price Field.

If the item is 'Buyer collects' then leave the field blank and add a comment to the Condition field.

Forgotten password ?   panic not, go to the login & simply follow the procedures.

Image upload - All images must be in .jpg format and the file size should be as small as possible (below 50k if possible - remember buyers with 'dialup' do not want to wait for your file and we don't want our server full either!) - Don't have the necessary software? You may do! You will most likely be using a digital camera so check the software that came with your digital camera, there may be a 'Resize' option - otherwise use 'Google' or similar to search for a 'ShareWare image editor'. There are plenty about!

We are not all whizzes on computers, so please do not worry about asking questions  - it is better to sort out the problem & get "booting" rather than giving up and doing it another day.

We search the pitches on a regular basis but some things will unfortunately slip through the net.   If you see anything on BootBay Pitches that you feel is untoward in anyway, shape or form please send an email to immediately so that we can then look into the problem. Please check the banned items list if you are still unsure. Help like this is invaluable on a website such as ours -  we will take your information seriously & deal with the problem if the need arises.

And last but not least,  remember if you like what you see then please tell your friends -  if you don't then please tell first. This way we can sort out any problems or discrepancies if you have any!

We thank you for reading this page & hope that is has been of some help.

Happy Booting

The BootBay Web Team


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