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As you know here at BootBay we are always trying to help our Booters get the best deal possible – over the last couple of months the Gold and Silver Members have had free membership on a bogoff deal.

Casual Members always have one free pitch – so we thought how about if everyone has the chance to Free Pitches ALL the time?

So here it is the new way of BootBay – the only way really – the FreeWay. This now means that there will be no different levels of membership anymore but instead all are equal! Each Booter will have the same features and same rights. Also, to help find the long timers, each Booter with high ratings will get a Star next to their pitch so that Buyers can see they are “up there” in the Booting world!

There are no catches - you will create a pitch as normal (remember they are FREE). Put your photos on as per usual and that is it; nothing else to do, well except maybe add a few details on the AboutMe Booter Page. It's a new page we have introduced so Booters can tell the world a bit more about themselves. Just click on the name on a pitch view and you'll see what we mean. To change your own, go into MyBoot and click on MyProfile - and type away.

The site will still be of course maintained and anything untoward will still not be welcome (rules are still rules) but other than that it's all about the selling and buying.

You can still use your photo hosting, although at this point we would suggest that you do put at least one photo on your pitch because as you know, a picture paints one thousand words – and a good photo will grab the browsers interest.

Why free? Well, here at BootBay, we're sure you all know of 3 or 4 (if not more) web sites that are competing in the Buy/Sell world. Indeed, there are a few who have copied us in the idea! However, most would agree that at the moment, it's slow going everywhere. Something needs to change and we would like the BootBay Freeway to be it.

How will BootBay make money? Advertising is the key here. Rather than rely on commission or member fees, and like an independent television channel, we feel that perhaps we can gain enough revenue from advertising to ensure BootBay continues - therefore there will be, for example, Google Ads on each pitch view. They will still be placed so they do not detract from the page as will all other adverts. We do not want huge flashing banners or pop-ups, just the Lorryverts and other discrete (not too discrete!) ads.

Many of you will be pleased to know that you will be able to have a link to your non-commercial website. For those that have a commercial website then drop us a line I am sure we can have a haggle or alternatively:

WANTED will become FREE  so get those WANTS on, you never know and we do have a high success rate – proving them to be quite an integral part of the buying/selling game.

So absorb and get Booting, Rolling or Wanting - this is not a promotion this is the FreeWay


nb: at the moment we are just bringing this into being, so if you encounter a problem or find you cannot do something which should be allowed, just contact us.


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