Banned Items


In the interest of everyone, please make yourself aware of the banned items listed below.

Animals and animal feeds.

Bulk email  lists

Computer Programmes or devices where the use of would be considered illegal.

Counterfeit items of any description. Items that violate or infringe on copyright or other intellectual property rights.

Credit cards and personal/ financial materials and information. Items that violate the right of privacy of any person.

Criminal Activity, any items that may assist or facilitate.

Competitions, including lotteries, that could be deemed fraudulent or illegal.

DNA or items purported to carry DNA

Duty payable items, ie, Tobacco, Alcohol, etc.

Drugs and related equipment, including prescription drugs.

Encryption devices or related script programs.

Financial advice, facilities, shares or dealings.

Fireworks, explosives

Fire Arms and other weapons (except antiques/collectables)

Food, drink, alcohol.

Franking and stamping machines.

Gas cylinders

Illegal matter or articles, that would be considered as such inside or outside of the UK.

Impersonating items, False IDs, fraudulent or misleading documentation, passes, uniforms, etc.

Inflammatory material of any kind.

Intangible items such as “souls” and “ghosts”.

Iraqi currency, or any currency deemed speculative in nature.

Mailing lists of any kind.

Medical items, new or used

Money making “schemes”eg. pyramid, MLM.

MP3s and DVDs where copied illegally.

Pornographic, indecent or obscene items.

Radioactive materials

Radio Transmitting or receiving equipment if deemed illegal in that country.

Recalled by manufacturer items.

Remains either human or animal.

Surveillance equipment.

Tickets for travel or entertainment.

Weapons, including throwing stars “nun chucks” if prohibited by law.

This list must be considered part of the user agreement.

Bootbay reserves the right to remove any items it deems not to be in the sites or its’ members interest without notice. Buyers and sellers are responsible for all banned trades, whether a payment has been received or not.


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