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We would just like to introduce ourselves to you; our names are Bob and Tony a father and son partnership. 

BootBay has been festering for a while in our heads; Bob is an avid boot seller/buyer and enjoys all manner of bargains. Tony enjoys the bargains but not the rain!

The seed of the idea for an On-line Boot Fair came about after chatting one evening about the day's bargains (Bob had been "Booting") What a shame you couldn't do this all year and why do you have to get up so early? Yes, we knew there was always the on-line auction sites, but in our experience the bargains were few and far between and you had to know what you were looking for, so no "thrill of the find" or chance to be the first one to find the bargain and buy it there and then, not to mention the hassle of loading pictures and  deciding whether or not an item was worth bothering with after paying the listing fee. No, we decided that something else was needed but what and how could it work? After a few weeks the idea hadn't gone away and one rainy day we were forced inside and the outline of what is now BootBay was drawn up.

Over the next couple of months our Grand Plan evolved, the only problem was a name for it,  "Oh that's easy" said Mrs Bob, "Remember when Amber (Tony's three year old daughter) was first trying to talk, she would say, 'Where Granpa?'" and I would reply "the Boot Fair at Bay Tree Farm" Well poor Amber couldn't possibly manage all that in one sentence, she was just over two at the time, and although highly intelligent, that was just too much, so Amber would stutter out "Boot....Bay.....Farm?" "Yes dear" Grandma replied and that for a while was how it was known, "Boot Bay Farm!"

So as you can see the name was born - all we needed was the web designer and support of family & friends,  all of which we have in abundance!

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and we hope that you enjoy using BootBay as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to fruition and to your computer!

Cheers and Happy Hunting!

Bob and Tony



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